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We hope you're not tired of hearing this because we will repeat it—continuously—until it stops being true, here it is—African fashion is blowing up everywhere. Every time you look up there's an Ankara inspired outfit, a fresh fusion combining a traditional head wrap with modern day jeans, or a young, new designer working in the heart of an African nation using its heritage to inform his or her new line. Africa's creativity is taking the world by storm and has no intention on stopping.
As we all know, Africa is a big place, so for today let's narrow the focus to the luxurious fashions coming from East Africa and the talented designers and brands behind them.
Every print and style has a different place of origin, but let’s look at where most would say it all started. Let’s look at Egypt, the birthplace of fashion.
We’ve said it once or twice and we’re more than happy to say it again—African fashion is on the rise. And this isn’t something new, it’s been happening for less than a decade, but its steady upward movement into the global zeitgeist is something we can’t help but celebrate. 
Looks like the holidays are officially winding down. Now that we’ve spent quality time with friends and family it’s time to get dressed to the nines and ring in the new year. While you’re busy getting ready to look your best, it’s a good time to reflect on celebratory and holiday African outfits. 
We’ve mentioned this before, but African fashion has taken the globe by storm, showing up on world renowned catwalks, the hottest designer lines, and filling fashionista closets everywhere. 
Although it’s been almost a year since Black Panther made its debut to historic numbers, remnants of African influence are still sprinkled across the New York Fashion Week runways for Spring 2019
Africa is often called “The Motherland” and for good reason. The continent has shaped culture in diaspora communities in Western countries via migration of its people over the centuries. 
Whether you’re neck scarf deep in the latest fashion trends or just casually googling what was popular 2 years ago, it’s hard not to notice the global take-over of African fashion. Traditional African prints, patterns, and textures have been showing themselves on the runways of the most influential designers more and more every year.

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