About Us

Every designer has unique strong points and special talents which serve as the trademarks and visuals that define their brand. Inamunai’s online store displays the true art forms and essence of several well-known African couture designers.  The Inamunai brand was founded by Mariam Garuba, a native Nigerian with a passion for clothes and dressmaking. She comes from a long line of seamstresses and dressmakers and since childhood has been fascinated by fashion shows and beautiful couture clothes.

Her admiration for fashion bloomed into the online clothing enterprise, but the main inspiration came when Mariam attended New York’s African fashion week in 2010. Sitting next to women who considered the featured designs as lovely, unique and desirable, it was clear that none had any idea where they could purchase the clothes.  Mariam instantly recognized the need to provide a platform for those designers to engage with their fans and customers. A home for their fashionable art was needed-one that could serve their global audiences while serving the needs of both the designers and customers.

Since its inception, Inamunai has successfully dressed notable women, such as the notable Bonang Matheba and former Miss Black USA Osas Ighodaro. This curation platform continues to act as an excellent marketplace - bringing together two audiences to truly achieve the common goals of fashion.



Julia has 7 years of experience managing branding, content, and UX design for e-commerce channels. She is an attorney, licensed in the state of New York.











Waziri is a business ​strategy and digital marketing executive with 10 years experience leading business development initiatives for food, health and wellness. As Founder of Harlem Labs ​he consulted business owners on channel centric growth strategies designed to increase ​sales conversions. Previously Waziri worked at several Wall St. firms where he acquired experience trading securities, mitigating risk and leveraging market opportunities to generate revenue. ​Waziri received his MBA from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor of Business Management from Saint Peter’s College.





Shirley has earned a master's degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Georgia and is a SHRM Certified Professional. She is deeply committed to the positive transformation of Inamunai by harnessing its strengths to optimize performance. Shirley focuses on supporting Inamunai through analyzing and solving organizational problems, developing and simplifying business processes and translating visions into defined actionable goals. 



Nnamdi is a lifelong storyteller, obsessed with embedding meaning into every written word. He is Nigerian, but the first in his extended family to be born in America. His exposure to African Fashion stems from the many custom-tailored outfits he needed to own in order to keep up with Nigerian’s love for parties. He writes blog posts for Inamunai and is a copywriter in advertising.