Human Trafficking


For human trafficking awareness month, we honor Rhonelle Bruder.


Celebrating Africa's Influence Globally

We hope you're not tired of hearing this because we will repeat it—continuously—until it stops being true, here it is—African fashion is blowing up everywhere. Every time you look up there's an Ankara inspired outfit, a fresh fusion combining a traditional head wrap with modern day jeans, or a young, new designer working in the heart of an African nation using its heritage to inform his or her new line. Africa's creativity is taking the world by storm and has no intention on stopping.
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Luxurious Fashions of East Africa

As we all know, Africa is a big place, so for today let's narrow the focus to the luxurious fashions coming from East Africa and the talented designers and brands behind them.
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Egypt: The Birthplace of Fashion

Every print and style has a different place of origin, but let’s look at where most would say it all started. Let’s look at Egypt, the birthplace of fashion.
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