Celebrate Spring With African Fashion For Kids

Celebrate Spring With African Fashion for Kids

Have you ever heard the phrase “April Showers Bring May Flowers”? Well, it’s a fun, silly saying that notes the beginning of the Spring season. I don’t know about you, but spring usually has me celebrating rebirth, renewal, and the blossoming of youth. Who better to celebrate new beginnings than the fruit of our looms, the future of the world, our little babies, our children. Spring is about welcoming the new and the young, so let’s welcome our children the best way we know how—through their fashion. Enjoy as we do a tiny spring season fashion show with our beautiful African children and their clothes.

Shells Belles Kidz

With Ankara-inspired print fabrics, Shells Belles Kidz created, carved out, and bolstered their corner of the children’s fashion market. Founder and lead designer of Shells Belles kidz, Shells Naija, is widely considered a fresh and promising face in the kids fashion industry. She transforms the original cotton Ankara print into a more luxurious and quality silk, chiffon, and sequin fabric that creates eccentric designs for kids—creatively finished and tailored to the western party and preppy look. The transformation doesn't stop there, to further ensure the exclusivity and uniqueness of Shells Belles designs, Shells Naija, the lead designer has carefully custom designed every print used in the collection


D’IYANU, pronounced dee-ya-nu, is a ready-to-wear bold print clothing line offering quality, trendy African inspired fashion. Launched by Nigerian-born Addie Elabor in 2014, D’IYANU is made of her love for fashion and passion for self expression through unique clothing. And that passion spills over to making modern African clothing for kids.


For example their Isuni kid's color-block applique t-shirt in black/green yellow kente is made to be comfortable, casual and can be paired with dark blue or black jeans with some casual shoes.


Or this Umi African Print Kid's Color Block Tee in black/black green kente, helping kids can represent their heritage while looking great.

Or this unisex Oma kid's African print sweater in yellow, and red kente print. Perfect for letting kids dress in a way that will make them feel confident and authentic.



Afrikrea is a platform made to help you discover, buy, and sell African made fashion, art and crafts. So, of course we found a few expertly crafted children outfits.

The beautiful and comfortable Toutou African Print Dresses were handmade in their studio in Cameroon using locally sourced fabrics.

Finally, this superb handmade dress made with a mixture of loincloth and cotton lace. A perfect and unique set composed of a dress and a headband that’s great for any little girl.

Of course Inamunai has wonderful designs for babies and children alike. Here are some below: 





Purchase at inamunai.com/collections/kids

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