Get Back Into Summer: An Inamunai Special

We made it. A lot’s happened since that first 2-week quarantine in 2020 turned into a full-year lockdown. We may have stayed inside, but it doesn’t mean we didn’t keep busy. We watched entire seasons of new shows. Picked up new hobbies. Made new friends, made new promises, and made new directions in our lives. Life may have been inside, but we still found ways to live and change along the way. 

Now would you look at that? Lockdown’s almost coming to an end just in time for summer! I don’t know about you, but I feel that summer sun and am ready to strut my stuff and show the world the post-lockdown me. But you can’t go out all brand new without a brand new outfit. We’ve spent a lot of time showing you different aspects of African fashion from other designers. How about we show you some Inamunai designs that can spruce up your summer look?

For the Ones on the Go

We’ve been inside way too long. Looking to get outside and get into an adventure? Grab one of our print backpacks in different prints. Handmade in Ghana, West Africa, it has three spacious compartments, two outside pockets for water bottles, adjustable straps, and various vibrant colors! Perfect for a trip down the block, downtown, or across the country.

Keep the Sun Out

We’re all excited to get out there, but it’s been a minute since we had the hot sun slowly cook the top of our heads and shine in our eyes. That’s why we got your back (and your head) with our Lekoni 5 Panel Cap by designer Babatunde.

Even the Rain

It’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows. Inject some vibrant pattern to any rainy day with our Fazao Umbrella, a beautiful African print in orange and chocolate brown.


Fun for the Kids

It’s time to get our little ones out of the house, but it doesn’t mean they can’t look good doing it. Explore our collection for babies, like the Baby Chi-Chi Onesie, with an excellent geometric design of concentric circles and other shapes that adorn the entirety of the outfit—designed by Baby Bumi. 

Or check out Bibs and Booties by Nana Wax. This cute combo is a must-have for your adorable newborn or young baby. Enjoy the uniqueness of African print-style designs for bibs and booties!

It’s the Summer, Show Some Skin

You read the title. It’s too hot out there not to strut what you got. Go ahead and show off those shoulders with our Dayo Dress, a lovely Ankara design perfect for the summer (or any season, really). Its festive, A-line, off-design features off-the-shoulder ruffled sleeves that flow and a knee-length that highlights the beautiful color combination that is so pleasing to the eye.

For the guys, take a look at our Sunset Maze Tee, a traditional t-shirt with a cool sunset maze design that goes with jeans and different color pants. It comes in gray, blue, orange, pink, and purple.


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