Top 5 African Fashion Bloggers

Whether you’re neck scarf deep in the latest fashion trends or just casually googling what was popular 2 years ago, it’s hard not to notice the global take-over of African fashion. Traditional African prints, patterns, and textures have been showing themselves on the runways of the most influential designers more and more every year. With this worldwide exposure putting more African clothing in people’s wardrobe, it’s important we have successful and fashionable influencers pointing us in the right direction. So, here are our top 5 African fashion bloggers.

1. Idu- Fashionably Idu

Fashionably Idu is a blogger who puts her love in her family, her teaching and now the world of fashion. Starting as a hobby but now a major voice in what’s chic, Idu has built her blog and herself as a reliable source of what looks good. Filtering what she preaches through her own personal taste, Idu travels the world in different outfits combining lifestyle with fashion and showing anyone who’ll listen what works, what doesn’t, and what’s possible in any international scene. Simply put, she shows you what African fashion looks on a world tour.

2. Afua Rida- Styled by Rida

With poise and grace, Afua Rida uses her blog to bring the rising fashion of Ghana into the spotlight of the world stage. Primarily a stylist, blogger consultant, and runway show producer, Afua uses the experience gained from her professions to build her blog, Styled by Rida, into the influencing force it is today. As a child, she garnered her passion for fashion by watching her mother’s fashion process. For her it wasn’t about the trending pieces her mother chose but the personal style her mother cultivated. She didn’t fully grasp the depth of her curiosity until undergrad, which helped her focus her studies, and her life, into a successful and influential life into African fashion.

3. Igee Okafor

You may have an idea of what to wear, but if you need help figuring how to wear it and where, then Igee Okafor is the man to see. Editor and founder of his self named lifestyle blog, Igee has become an authority on menswear and culture. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Igee took his African tastes with him as he lived and experienced the culture of Paris, Spain, and Hampton, Virginia while attending school before settling down in New York City to attend St. John University. With his expansive cultural interests he began writing articles as an intern for Jones Magazine, and then later The Source. From there he worked directly under Daniel Sayant, co-owner of Nylon Media and CEO of Socialtye. Igee Okafor is a rising star in the fashion and lifestyle industry and is positioned to be a leading force on what’s hot and what’s not.

4. Joy Kendi

Never hesitating to showcase the power of African print and women empowerment is Joy Kendi, a Kenyan based fashion and lifestyle blogger, youtube personality, Ciroc Kenya Brand Ambassador, and face of Hidesign Maasai Collection. In everything she does she promotes her Kenyan roots, which influence every aspect of her personal style. Her blog excels at mixing modern trends with African fashion, all filtered through her personal style and taste. She expands on this with travelling while fashionable, tasty and healthy food recipes, and an overall authority on lifestyle culture.

5. Velma and Papa Petit- 2ManySiblings

Starting this blog in 2013, creative pair, and brother and sister (hence the name 2ManySiblings) Velma and Papa Petit needed an outlet to share two things; their passion for clothes and the spirit of the everyday African within them. Moving away from expensive, high-fashion, runway level African apparel, the Kenyan sibling pair showcase their personal style, which is influenced by mainstream fashion, vintage items and Kenyan themes. Something that the average yet fashion-focused African would wear. The blog has evolved into a place for curated art and photography, where the siblings collaborate with African photographers to show off their aesthetic using the siblings as muses. 2ManySiblings has become a source of constructive conversation, allowing the world to see beautiful and positive imagery coming from Kenya and Africa as a whole.

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