The Sharron Project

"When I found my voice, I became a woman of power and no one can silence me."

The Sharron Collection

Sharron J. Brown lost her voice around five years old when she was violated, raped as a freshman in college, and then coerced into the world of Adult Entertainment by two female recruiters. Sharron didn’t have any idea that her life as a Stripper would eventually lead her to into the horrific dark world of Sex/Human Trafficking & Exploitation.

Today, Sharron is an Inspirational Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Founder of Treasure Box Inspirational Network, Certified Counselor in Trauma Resolution Therapy (TRT), Child Exploitation Ambassador, Political Advocate, Five Star Author, Award Winning International Platform Speaker and Mentor.

Your purchase from our handpicked collection of pieces inspired by Sharron's touching story will help victims of human trafficking.

Fifty percent of all proceeds from purchases of The Sharron Collection will go to the Polaris Project to aid victims of human trafficking worldwide.

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What is Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. People are forced, tricked or fooled into working in different forms of work where they are exploited . There are two types, labor and sex trafficking. Of course, the clothes industry knowingly or unknowingly, involves the trafficking of people to make clothes that are inexpensive.

According to the International Labor Organization, approximately 21 million people worldwide are victims of trafficking. Although there may be more people in labor trafficking than sex, sex trafficking brings in a revenue of over $27 billion. Human trafficking is now the second most lucrative illegal trade, with a revenue of $32 billion annually. There is no country that is not affected, either by transit, or destination

There are all kinds of consequences to trafficking, including HIV, lost wages, depression, separation from family, drug addiction, forced abortions, destruction of the quality of life, and death.

At InaMunai, we will strive to provide you only with products that promote fair trade.

here there and EVERYwhere (htE)

here there and EVERYwhere (htE) is a nonprofit transparent repurposed goods platform that empowers survivors of economic hardships, domestic abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Using ethical design* concepts, we provide survivors with vocational training in sewing, embroidery, and crafts to bring new life to discarded items. *Ethical design upholds three main objectives: social responsibility, environmental awareness, and meeting client needs.

Survivors are taught entrepreneurial skills to move towards financial independence. Creative expression is the primary method of garnering these skills while a tracking system called htE Dove allows donors and conscience shoppers to track their donations and purchases to learn more about the survivors and establish a lasting relationship. Visit our shop and support our survivors.


To learn more and shop for items made by survivors, please visit:

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