Spring Fashion Runways Show African Influence

Although it’s been almost a year since Black Panther made its debut to historic numbers, remnants of African influence are still sprinkled across the New York Fashion Week runways for Spring 2019. Monopolizing on the renewed interest in distinct African styles, these forward-looking fashion trends are evidence that African fashion is here to stay.

1. Tie Dye

Tie Dye New York Fashion Week

Photo courtesy of Fashionista

Tie dye made a big comeback on the Spring/Summer 2019 runways. Although you may think of tie-dye as a symbol of 1960s fashion, the practice of dying fabrics in beautiful patterns has been going on for centuries from Ghana to Gambia.

2. Headscarves

Photos courtesy of Vogue

Headscarves were all the rage in recent NYFW runways. From Tom Ford to Anna Sui, and Michael Kors, today’s biggest designers paid homage to the trademark of African fashion.

3. Feathers

Feathers New York Fashion Week

Photos courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Feathers were popping all over the runways for Spring 2019. These remind us of traditional celebratory parades in many parts of Africa where people use feathers to dress up headscarves, canes, and other accessories.

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